Updated: Jan 2, 2021

What is important to you in a relationship? What things do you look for in a partner? What are things you can’t compromise on?

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So for me physical attraction is important of course.

Being treated like royalty and being awed over etc etc are a few of the surface requirements but a spiritual connection more than anything is #1.

The details of his spiritually was something that I use to think was “compromise-able” (is that a word?) lol

I wouldn’t comprise my personal beliefs but I would compromise with the fact that he didn’t have to actually have the same beliefs as me specifically as long as he believed in God.

And very early on I was reminded that collectively your spiritual connection depends on a spiritual foundation. And your individual beliefs and morals make up who you are.

So it really boils down to how you want to be treated.

I think about it like this:

If a man knows how important I am to God and sees me how God sees me than he’s less likely to treat me wrong because he not only understands my value but he is sure of who he is in God also. Which gives him a better understanding of our purpose collectively in the world.

There will be certain things he won’t say and certain things he won’t do because he not only sees in the anointing on my life but he knows the importance of protecting my purpose.

Not only is it important for him to see those things in me and in himself. There are a lot of things that depend on a spiritual confirmation. In regards to decisions making especially, financial moves, employment, down to my emotional investment in friendships.

So if we don’t have the same principles regarding what we believe in what guides us collectively in decision making aside from our own understanding?

When I say the specifics can’t be over looked I mean the details are extremely important.

For example because I believe in Jesus I also believe that his sacrifice frees us from a lot of our past bondage. So things that could control us can’t, the things our parents did wrong have no power unless we give it and our prayers are what grant God authority to shift stuff for us on earth.

Why is this important?

Do you know how much power that gives us?

If I’m with someone who isn’t on my spiritual wave and I’m seeking confirmation but we are receiving different answers?

What happens if I’m seeking confirmation and getting a response but because he’s on a different wave he’s giving me the wrong information that could potentially cost me the provision to my purpose?

What happens when something causes for prayer but one of us doesn’t believe in it’s power?

Now I’m not suggesting that you have to believe what I believe but what I am suggesting is that if you are with someone make sure you both have the same spiritual understanding. Make sure you both understand where your help comes from and where you go if you need it!

There are certain things that shouldn’t be comprised in a relationship and you just have to be sure that you can trust the God in a person even when you are not seeing eye to eye with them.

Your creation of balance is essential to your survival.

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