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Updated: Jan 2, 2021

It was December 5th and I was still pregnant. At this point, I was 42 weeks. My original due date was December 2nd. Oh, I was miserable! Huge and uncomfortable! I gained 60lbs easy and was carrying it in my stomach!

Thankfully I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for tomorrow so either my midwife was going to say I had dilated or she was going to set my induction date. I went to sleep that night READY.

Side story (target had sheets on sale that night that Ejay wanted so bad. sheets to “tomorrow they will be there” days later we going out the sheets had been sold out ever since that day.

When we arrived at the doctor's visit went smooth and I got to see Jaiden. He was estimated to have a birth weight of 8 lbs and 2oz.

Seeing him was such a relief. Normally if you have a pretty healthy pregnancy you are only allowed two/ three actual ultrasounds so seeing him after almost 5 months was exciting.

My midwife came in and told me I only dialed about 2cm so she scheduled my induction for December 11th at 12am which meant Jaiden would be born on my birthday I was elated! One because my baby would be born on my birthday and two because he was just served an eviction notice.

Ejay and I left the hospital feeling better than we came especially since the waiting game had come to an end.

We hopped on 75 south. And as we approached exit 221 Ejay said “I need those sheets” so we proceeded to get off on the exit to head to target. Once we got off the freeway and stopped to make a right turn all I heard was.


And the whole car shook. I immediately loomed at Ejay he looked at me and asked was I ok. We both looked behind up to see if they were still there and we all pulled off to the side.

At first, I was ok. A little shaken but ok. Ejay got out and I set there trying to calm my nerves. A few moments went by and Jaiden started to act differently. He wasn’t just active he was overly active. So I began to worry. I decided that calling the paramedics was the best thing to do.

When they arrived they checked us much as they could and said they thought I was fine to go home.

But I wasn’t so I called my midwife. She told me to go to the ER where I was scheduled to deliver to be checked out.

By the time we got to the doctor, my mom had gotten there. The movements stopped but the pain started. So, of course, I was even more nervous!

Once I finally got settled and hooked up to all the machines to be monitored I was able to relax. My grandma arrived then arrived. Ejay was calm but in complete denial that I was in labor even after monitoring the frequent contraction on the machine. After about three hours of monitoring, they decided to keep me. I dilated almost 4cm and it was beginning to happen at a fast pace. Before I knew it I was 6cm asking for an epidural and awaiting my baby.

I’ll spare you the details of the actual labor. But it was fairly quick. I pushed a few times only being in active labor for about an hour and half and had the amazing opportunity to pull him out towards the end of the delivery!

At 1:30 am December 7th, 2017 Jaiden Cade Pope was born weighing 8lbs 4oz

Following my delivery, I got really sick. So sick that I was unable to hold him for long. From the throwing up nonstop to the uncontrollable to the shakes! All while I’m trying to gain my composure from that I start hemorrhaging. I hear my midwife saying oooh you are losing a lot of blood. But we are going to stop it. Trying to not panic and redirect my mind I start to scale the room. My mom was by the midwife my grandma next to her and Jaiden was with Ejay and the nurse. I then focused back on my midwife I told myself if she was calm I was calm. I was completely numb from the waist down anyway so there wasn’t much I could.

When they finally got the bleeding to stop it was time for Jaiden to go to the nursery for his check-up. Ejay accompanied him while I switched rooms. Not long after they left and I got settled I got a phone call from the nursery saying they were going to keep him.

Jaiden's breathing was to fast for their liking and that made it difficult for him to eat.

My heart sank. Not only could I not hold him as I wanted but now I would have to spend the night without him? AHHH!

When Ejay finally returned we talked, I cried and we watched the entire Star Wars sequel. Sleep for me was impossible! My baby was on my mind and his health was my main concern.

On day 3 I was forced to leave the hospital without Jaiden. And of course, I didn’t rest at home either and visited every second I could. After 5 whole days in the NICU, I got a call on December 11th that I could pick him up the next day!

God was I relieved!!

On December 12 I got up and prepared for the arrival of my baby! That was by far the best birthday gift I’ve ever received! The feeling of calmness and peace that covered my body was indescribable!

Looking back I’m amazed at my strength. The transition the body goes through to prepare for a baby is remarkable! I am in awe of God and how he kept me mentally and emotionally through those hard times! I am also grateful for the phenomenal care provided to my entire family from the hospital!

The and staff were so accommodating they helped me with breastfeeding and provided me with excellent emotional support. I’m also thankful very thankful for Ejay! Not only was he there physically but he was available emotionally he listened he was reassuring and he was so for sure we would be ok. There was no one in the entire world that felt how I felt about my son aside from him and it felt so good to be reassured and understood.

Please feel free to comment & add your labor experiences below! Sometimes we don’t know how’s remarkable a journey is until we relive it.

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