Ginger Shots.... Anyone?

Ginger is definitely in the "Super Food" category. It has so many benefits and has proven to reduce gas, help with improving digestion Relieving nausea, easing a cold or the flu, reducing inflammation, supporting cardiovascular health and also Lowering cancer risk! Now ginger has a very strong scent and taste. It is easily consumed added to tea/water or drained of it's juices and it's recommended that you consume ginger daily. I prefer taking my dose in the form of a shot. It's quick, easy and goes down smooth! I consume one shot a day right when I wake up! And you know I'm all for a simple, quick process with an easy clean up!


No juicer? No problem!

What you will need:

  1. Ginger a 1lb (or more depending on how many ounces you'd like to make.)

  2. 2 Lemons per 1lb of ginger (you will not add water so you want to make sure you are enough lemon juice to properly blend the ginger)

  3. Strainer

  4. Spoon

  5. Blender

  6. Knife

  7. Turmeric Power (optional)

  8. Cutting board

  9. Medium size bowl

  10. Sealable container

Step 1

  • Wash your hands thoroughly set up the blender.

Step 2

  • Using the spoon peel the ginger until it's completely clean. Cut the ginger in medium size pieces and add to the blender.

Step 3

  • Cut the lemons in half and squeeze the lemon juice into the blender over the ginger. (if using turmeric power sprinkle over the ginger)

Step 4

  • Blend the ginger until the consistency is smooth and there aren't any visible clumps.

Step 5

  • Place the strainer over the medium size bowl and pour the ginger from the blender into the strainer. Using the spoon press the ginger against the strainer and drain all the juice from the ginger.

Step 6

  • Once all the juice is drained out of the ginger left up the strainer and pour juice into sealable container. Store (as you wish) or discard of dried ginger.

  • Repeat entire process until done.

Step 7

  • Place ginger shots in fridge and serve chilled

.............TADAHHHHHH! You have your very own ginger shots!

Comment/Like if this recipe was helpful to you!

Cheers to healthy livin!

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