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So the bink has ran our lives for the past 2 1/2 years. I really wasn't scared straight by things that I heard from others like, the fact that it could impact his speech or mess up his teeth. Although I was quite annoyed at the many people that would tell me he didn't need it anytime they got a chance. If I am being honest I really thought about allowing him to keep it until he felt he had grown out of it. I justified my decision with the fact that he didn't have it at daycare AT ALL so a few hours when he got home wouldn't hurt. I also started to think about the deeper connections he had with his bink I mean they were like best friends! It brought him so much comfort! How & why would I break them up? But a trip to the dentist gave me a change of heart. The dentist pretty much told me if you don't take it today then you run the risk of throwing off his bite and permanently effecting his teeth. So of course that took me into deep thought. I could allow him to keep it and risk it, or take it and teach him healthier ways to self soothe.


After that dental appointment his dad & I decided it was time! He took him to school and I was a nervous wreck! My entire work day all I kept thinking about was what was I going to replace it with and how in the HELL was I going to survive. (We tired the no bink thing before and I failed horribly) I didn't even last 5 hours. I couldn't take the crying AT ALL!


I made up in my mind that this time would be different because I WAS READY! Before I left the house I searched for things to replace it with. I didn't really want to give him anything else to be dependent upon but at that point I could already hear him screaming in my head. (Jaiden has some strong lungs). So I ended up leaving the house to go get him with his favorite blanket, his cup and gold fish snacks. I pulled up to the school and of course after his warm greeting he say's (where's bink?) and then it began.


1. Be honest and reassuring.

Depending on what stage your little one is in conversations my be different. Explain what's going on and why. Saying things like....."Remember we talked about no more bink? or "Well you are a big boy/girl so we are giving the bink to the babies that need it" and 'It will be ok, you will be ok!"

I ALWAYS encourage conversation! Kids are super smart these days and you'll be surprised at the things they understand. Also think about it, How would you adjust to such a drastic change without explanation?

2. Be patient and stay calm.

I anticipated that I wasn't going to get much sleep for at least a week and I was right. Day one was horrific! And for a little over a week he would wake up about every two hours looking for the bink, crying for it and at one point he wouldn't fall asleep without directly sleeping on top of me. Although I was very frustrated and tired I understood how big of a transition this was for him. I mean him trying to break a habit that he's had for almost three years in one day is nearly impossible and would take time. So every time he woke up I took a deep breath, tired to encourage, soothe and redirect. I also kept reminding myself that this too shall pass and brighter days were ahead because nights were long!

3. Silence the extra voices.

We live in a society that LOVES to tell us what's best for us, right for us and wrong for us! They can add TONS of pressure for sure! But I am encouraging to you to listen to yourself & follow your baby's lead. Now it will NOT be easy but if you are consistent and calm it is possible! I use to read blogs all the time about going cold turkey and I thought it was a horrible idea! I even said I wasn't going to do that to my baby but here I am encouraging you!

4. Believe in yourself & stay consistent.

Here I am three weeks in and there's no turning back! The moment I made up in my mind that we were going to get through it we did! He still has moments where he asks for it which is to be expected! I remind him that he is a big boy, I greet him with a healthy snack or his favorite toy and I proceed with conversation about his day. Reassurance, redirecting and consistency are going to be KEY to your success with this transition.


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